Corn Dog

Battered and fried hot dog

$3.70/$6.65 with Fries
Grilled Cheese

Classic favorite, made with American cheese

$3.70/$6.65 with Fries
Hot Dog

6" Pork and Beef Hot Dog. Top as desired

$3.70/$6.65 with Fries
Junior Burger

Burger perfect for a small appetite

$5.40/$8.35 with Fries
Chicken Strips

Crunchy, fresh fried Chicken Strips

$5.40/$8.35 with Fries
Long Dog

10" Pork and Beef Hot Dog. Top as desired.

$5.40/$8.35 with Fries
Tater Tots
French Fries

A serving of our fresh fried shoestrings French Fries

$3.35 (Sm.)/$5.40 (Lg.)
$3.75 (Sm.)/$6 (Lg.)

A serving of our fresh fried tater tots

Onion Rings
Cole Slaw

A serving of delicious beer battered and fresh fried Onion Rings

Finely chopped Cabbage and Carrots with a creamy, tangy, homemade sauce

$4.85 (Sm.)/$7.25 (Lg.)

Smaller Dishes & Sides

Tossed Green Salad

Chopped iceberg lettuce, carrots, and purple cabbage. Your choice of dressing

Potato Salad (seasonal)

Creamy homemade potato salad with dill pickles and onions

Clam Chowder Friday

Fresh, New England style Clam Chowder

$5.40 (Cup)/$7.25 (Bowl)
Soup of the Day (seasonal)

All soups made fresh and in-house

$4.20 (Cup)/$6 (Bowl)
Sweet Potato Fries
Waffle Fries

A serving of delicious hand cut sweet potato fries

A serving of fresh, hand cut waffle fries

$4.85 (Sm.)/$7.25 (Lg.)
$3.75 (Sm.)/$6 (Lg.)